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Our Eco Land Tips and Images of the Month web posts started up in March of 2008 to help inform and educate people about ecological landscaping and permaculture.   Dedicated to permaculture ethics we feel part of our Fair Share is to provide people easy access to information; so in 2009 we started up our blogWe hope you find the last 7 years of tips helpful and inspiring. You can also become a Fan and 'Like' us on Facebook!
2008 - 2012
2008 Eco Land Tips
March -Cedar Waxwing
April -Herb Gardens
May -Beneficial Insects
June -Beetles Abound
July -To Weed or Not to Weed…
August -Western Fence Lizard
September/October -Sheet Mulching
November/ December -Mulch-on-Site

2008 Images of the Month
March -Natives in Bloom
April -Aphids and Ladybugs
May -Aloe Plants in Bloom
June -Crab Spiders
July -Echinacea spp.
August -Sunflowers
September/October -Permeable Paving
November -Fall Blooming Native, Coyote Bush
December -Rose Hips and more
2009 Eco Land Tips
January/ February -Harvest Rainwater
March -Moon Phases & Plant Growth
April -Elderberry = Multiple Functions
May -Food Forests
June -Graywater
July -3 Sisters Guild
August -Chico Permaculture Guild
September -Companion Planting & Plant Guilds
October -Pumpkin Harvest Time
November -Beneficial Insect: SPIDERS
December -Winter Garden Tips

2009 Images of the Month
January -Kumquats
February -Grow your own Food!
March -Narcissus spp.
April -Akebia quinata
May -Pomegranate Trees
June -Praying Mantid
July -Garden Diversity
August -Horsetail
September -Calendula officinalis
October -Late Summer Garden in CA
November -Nasturtiums
December -Rosebud Sage
Links to 2008 and 2009 Archive Pages
(with some direct links to blog entries)

2008 Eco Land Tips        2008 Images of the Month

2009 Eco Land Tips         2009 Images of the Month
January -Our Fungus Friends
January -Featured Fungus Friend: Turkey-Tail Mushroom
February -Garden Planning
February -FFF: Bird’s Nest Fungi
March -Buy Open Pollinated Seeds!
March -FFF: Inky Cap Fungi
April -‘Relative Location’ Permaculture Principle
April -Slime Mold
May -Golden Treasures of Spring
May -Red Valerian
June -Yet Another Edible! Hollyhocks
June -Pear Tree Guild
July -Honey Bees and Fun Facts
August -Dragonflies & Damselflies
August -Mentha spp.
September -Costmary
September -FFF: Lantern Stinkhorn Fungi
October -Photoperiodism
October -Moonflowers
November -Forest Gardening Tips AUTUMN
November -Late Autumn Bloomers
December -FROST and FREEZE Protection Tips
December -Cover crops for your new Forest Garden
January - Eat your Greens!
January - Chard Beta vulgaris
February - Planting for seed saving
February - Earn your Permaculture Design Certificate!
March - Spring Mulch-on-Site aka Chop & Drop Mulching
March - Random photos of Springtime in N. California
April -Books -A Reliable Resource
May -Volunteer plants in a Feijoa arbor guild
June -From grass to habitat garden... our front yard 2005-2011
August -An Elderberry Volunteers -Applying Permaculture Principle Number One in Our Backyard
August -Permaculture Student Intern turned Assistant and Upcoming PDC with Robyn Francis and Cathe’ Fish
October -Urban Permaculture Project -2 years in progress
November -THINK GLOBAL - SHOP LOCAL Give the Gift of a Garden
November -Companion Planting Information and Chart
Links to
Blog Entries
2010 thru present
Current Blog Entries (via RSS feed)
January -Lego Sheet Mulch Example
February -3rd Annual Seed Swap
April -BEYOND COMPANION PLANTING –‘Guild Building’ a Forest Garden 
May -Introduction to Permaculture Workshop June 23, 2012 in Chico, CA
June -Berries, Trellising and Harvest
August -Due Diligence: Four O’clock Plants

April -Urban Permaculture Property Tour

January -Practical Tips for Conserving Water in the Landscape

March -5th Annual Spring Seed Swap 

Akebia quinata bloomTurkey tail fungiCedar waxwingRibes aureum bloomCrocus flowerLadybug eggs near aphidsApple blossomsGerminating Calendula seedChard and mintDandelion flowerBok choy flowers and butterflyNarcissus bloomBlue Eyed GrassSnow peasCalendula flowersEpimedium flowersApricot flowerSoldier beetle
Random Photos of Spring in Northern California
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