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How many times have you heard these statements from your partner or spouse, family or friends?
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"Personal independence depends on co-operative human society...
only what we share gives us access to all necessary possessions."    

-Bill Mollison, co-originator of Permaculture
You can choose from one of the gift options below, contact us for custom certificates or simply set a dollar amount you wish to give:

  • 4 Hour Permaculture Design Consultation: ($200.00)
Includes: Aerial, soil and topography maps (when available for property) , specific target area quick sketch, ideas and planning tips, how to drought proof your property, edible forest gardening with perennial food crops and animal integrations as well as other Permaculture strategies.

  • Rainwater Harvesting or Greywater System Design: ($ X off amount of system design)
Includes: Initial consultation to discuss design options, system design with scaled measurements and (if necessary) modification suggestions to existing system (e.g. laundry to landscape greywater, roof gutters or downspouts), design of rainwater storage system and/or passive conveyance to garden via infiltration trenches and basins, cost for implementation and system management guidelines.

  • Permaculture Design: ($ X off amount of full design*)
Includes: Permaculture design which integrates the specific needs of the client as a whole person/family and the needs of the property as a productive ecosystem. The design process usually takes place over a 2 to 24 month time period (depending on property size, budget and project complexity).  During this time we work with the client for multiple sessions in order to refine a detailed, long-term plan or site report.  The report includes mapping and documentation to reflect design elements such as water systems, access routes, buildings, earthworks, energy and nutrient cycling/systems, plantings, animals and social infrastructure, as well as budget, a phased installation time-line, and other supporting documents as needed.  A management guidebook can also be created which details out polyculture harvests, insectary calendars, rainwater system maintenance and more.

*a full permaculture design, drawn to scale including plan overlays, is generally between $500.00-3,000.00 depending on site and client needs.

  • Custom Options: ($ X off amount of specific consultation or work visit)

Can include:

Permaculture Design and Implemtation Strategies:
  • Siting of roads and home-sites
  • Residential homes and urban farms to broad acre farming systems
  • Energy, Water and Nutrient cycling
  • Edible and medicinal landscapes
  • Water harvesting earthworks and ponds
  • Irrigation including drip systems and rain sensors
  • Pool to pond conversions (fish and/or swimming ponds)
  • Aquaculture and aquaponics
  • Forest gardening and staging succession
  • Soil building techniques (soil food web)
  • Seed gardens and seed saving
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Small scale beekeeping
  • Land restoration techniques
  • Wildlife habitat regeneration
  • Watershed protection
  • Garden calendars (harvest, insectary and more)
  • Site development supervision for new properties
  • Education and training in permaculture and land care

Standard Landscape Work:
  • Garden clean up
  • Tree pruning (also Summer and/or Winter fruit trees)
  • Irrigation repairs and troubleshooting
  • Turf removal (using sheet mulch)
  • Garden installation (annual and/or perennial edibles and ornamentals)
  • and more!

If only I had someone to help me in the garden!”

“I wish I knew more about how to conserve water in my gardens.”

“It would be great to have an expert over to consult with me about my property and gardens.”
GIVE the GIFT of a garden and landscape consultation, design or the garden itself!

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