Ecological Landscape and Permaculture

Community based workshops teaching permaculture principles and their bio-regional methods of application.

Permaculture design and methodology
Rainwater harvesting and passive earthworks
Greywater systems (laundry to landscape and branched drain)
Edible gardening and perennial polycultures
Forest gardens and ecological succession
Mushroom cultivation and MORE!

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About this website
Questions? We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our services and fees.  We have a portfolio of designs and photos from past projects available for review.  In addition, we are happy to provide you with the names and addresses of recent Clients.
The Ecological Landscape Alliance is a nonprofit, member-based organization of landscape professionals, homeowners, and community groups who believe in using landscape practices that are environmentally safe and beneficial.
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"Perma -WHAT?"
To learn more about Permaculture see PermaGaia
Permaculture Consulting, Design and Implemtation
  • Siting of roads and home-sites
  • Residential homes, commercial lots and urban farm design
  • Farm design for market production
  • Energy, water and nutrient cycling
  • Rooftop rainwater harvesting systems (passive and active)
  • Greywater systems (laundry to landscape and branched drain)
  • Irrigation including drip systems and rain sensors
  • Water harvesting earthworks and ponds
  • Pool to pond conversions (fish and/or swimming ponds)
  • Aquaculture and aquaponics
  • Edible and medicinal landscapes
  • Forest gardening and staging succession
  • Soil building techniques (soil food web)
  • Seed gardens and seed saving
  • Land restoration techniques
  • Wildlife habitat regeneration
  • Watershed protection
  • Garden calendars (harvest, insectary and more)
  • Site development supervision for new properties
  • Education and training in permaculture and land care

Ecological Landscape Services:
  • Tree pruning (including Summer and/or Winter fruit tree pruning)
  • Irrigation repairs and troubleshooting
  • Turf removal (using sheet mulch)
  • Garden design and installation (annuals, perennials, natives, and ornamentals)
Our Unique Services
Swimming pool converted to closed loop aquaculture pondReused broken awning turned tomato trellisCrimson clover -nitrogen fixing cover crop for building soil healthVertical potato baskets -growing food in small spacesPergola built from FSC certified redwood -energy conservation for home through shade as well a trellis for vinesPonds are an ideal wildlife habitat for dragonflies and other aquatic beneficial insectsRaised bed garden with drip systems -perfect for people who struggle to bend over while gardeningFormal garden with fountainBackyard spiral garden planted with three sisters guild of corn, beans and squashEdible forest garden -perennial polyculture of fruit trees and perennial vegetables, herbs, vines and shrubs.Biofilter for pond -functions as water purifier, aquaponic tank, pond aerator, bird bath and invertebrate food and shelterRainwater harvesting trench with access bridgePermeable paving -flagstone pathwayMedicinal herb garden -echinacea, costmary, tansey and salviaRainwater harvesting system design for 2/3 acre property in urban Chico, CA
Akebia quinata bloomTurkey tail fungiApple blossoms