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I can't imagine anything more important than air, water, soil, energy and biodiversity. These are the things that keep us alive.

~David Suzuki
Drought Information
Drip Irrigation Systems -the most efficient method of landscape irrigation. Using drip emitters and/or micro spray nozzles ensure your landscape gets the water it needs, when it needs it without overspray or over use. Combine a drip irrigation system with an automated controller and a rain sensor to ensure your irrigation system never turns on during or after the rain.
Swimming pool converted to closed loop aquaculture pond. Rainwater from rooftop is 2x filtered and sent to pond, overflow sent to forest garden.Recently installed raised bed vegetable garden with drip irrigation system.Edible forest garden irrigated with a drip system and seasonal rainwater via infiltration trenches and basins.Biofilter for aquaculture pond -functions as water purifier, aquaponic tank, pond aerator, bird bath and invertebrate food and shelter.Rainwater harvesting infiltration trench with access bridge.Rooftop rainwater harvesting system design (per downspout) for 2/3 acre property in urban Chico, CA.Permitted greywater system installed for Chaffin Family Orchards Farm Stay Cabins in 2012.
Despite the rain this past winter...

We all need to do our part to conserve water. Whether you utilize municipal or well water it's vital to conserve this precious resource.

California landscapes use more water outside than inside and we can help reduce your landscape water usage with a variety of methods.


Image from the U.S. Drought Monitor website
Consulting services for your water conservation needs.

Permaculture Design Consultation
4 hours for $250.00*

Hourly Consulting $65 per hour (minimum two hours)

with certified permaculture designers:
Stephanie 530-828-6390  -or-  Brian 530-321-9715

(*please include drive time in fee if more than 30 miles from Chico,
consultations are with either Stephanie or Brian, please anticipate a double fee for both. )
Rainwater Harvesting Systems -harvest the rain from rooftops and other impermeable surfaces. Collect rainwater into tanks, barrels and/or directly into the landscape via infiltration trenches/basin systems.
Greywater Systems -greywater systems including laundry to landscape (L2L) and branched drain systems. Permitting is not required for L2L systems in Butte County. We are certified greywater system installers via Greywater Action.
Water Audits -get a handle on your water useage with an outdoor water audit.
Drought Tolerant Landscapes and Gardens -utlize both native and drought tolerant plants, thick mulching and drip irrigation for a beautiful landscape that conserves water. We can help you choose plants that best suit your needs and style. We can also help you choose drought hardy food bearing plants such as annual vegetable, fruit tree and perennial plant varieites.
Lawn to Landscape Conversions -remove your lawn using the sheet mulch technique builds soil and allows for direct planting into the garden with drought tolerant plants, vegetables and/or fruit trees.

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