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Ecological Landscaping

Permaculture Solutions

Gaia Creations is committed to providing the local community high quality, ecologically sound landscape services and education. The involvement with Clients creates a partnership where we are both providing our community healthy landscapes

in tune with local ecosystems.

Permaculture is a design system for creating a regenerative, resilient and more permanent culture. It is the design and implementation of methods, techniques and strategies to create an overall abundance for you and your family, your land and all its inhabitants.

a fully integrated landscape
from the initial Consultation to the Design and Installation phase to the routine Management of your landscape and gardens,
Gaia Creations provides holistic land care solutions.
Gaia Creations began in 2000 and 20 years later remains committed to ecological design and implementation methods.
Consult, Design, Install and Manage. You may choose services as a complete design system or as individual elements on their own.
I am happy to answer questions you might have about the business and any or all services.


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  3. driveway stormwater dry creek
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  5. permeable paving
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  8. natural pond
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  13. aquaculture pond
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  17. lawn to landscape conversion
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