Commercial Property Renovation
This commercial property in Chico, CA entailed a full renovation of the landscape. This project involved the reuse of existing plants and rock 'waste'. The irrigation renovation included a new controller, drip irrigation and rain sensor. Creative placement of rocks and plants mediated erosion from the rain gutter and prevented rainwater runoff into the parking lot. Soil activity was boosted with added mulch. A subsequent HLM program maintained this property until 2017.
  1. Charter -before
  2. Charter -before
  3. Charter -before
  4. Charter -drought tolerant plants
  5. Charter -drought tolerant plants
  6. Charter -after
  7. Charter -irrigation valve box
  8. Charter -irrigation controller
  9. Charter -rain sensor
  10. Charter -after
  11. Charter -after downspout
  12. Charter -after
  13. Charter -runoff prevention
  14. Charter -rock dry creek
  15. Charter -before sheet mulch
  16. Charter -after sheet mulch
  17. Charter -1 year after sheet mulch
  18. Charter -after parking lot