On-Site Consultation

For apartments, residential homes, commercial properties, urban farms or broad acre land. A consultation consists of an    on-site visit to begin helping you achieve your landscape vision. This is often followed up with a design. Let us know if you wish to fill out our Client questionnaire. Please include drive time in all fees if your property is more than 30 miles from Chico.

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Landscape Consultation
$70 per hour

A consultation is an excellent choice for people who want help with specific features or plant suggestions.  The options are endless but often include:
  • Assistance in identifying landscape unknowns (plants, land elements, beneficial insects, pests...)
  • A discussion of design choices for specific areas (to increase water conservation, build soil health, create habitat or build a patio…)

Permaculture Design Consultation
$250 for up to 4 hours ($70 per hour thereafter)
Pc consults are with either Stephanie or Brian, please anticipate a double fee for both

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  2. aquaculture pond
Without Design:
A jam packed informational session in which we walk, talk and analyze your site to help you articulate your goals and provide as much insight as possible so you can plan the details of the project yourself. Depending on the situation it can also include a quick sketch of proposed ideas.

With Design:
After receiving your questionnaire we schedule an initial site visit and interview to begin the design process. We will bring along aerial photos of your property, online parcel, topography and soil maps.

If after consulting you decide that you would like to retain us for a full permaculture design the first hour of this fee is reimbursed if a design proposal over $3,500 is agreed upon. See our Design page for more information.
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  2. drought tolerant landscape

Initial Design Consultation
$70 per hour

A comprehensive initial design consultation is imperative when you need a formal drawing of your future landscape.  During this consultation, we will meet with you to walk your site, listen to your ideas, offer design suggestions and provide cost information.  We will learn your budget parameters and offer ideas for creatively working with them.  We will also share with you our portfolio and provide references from Clients whose landscape may share your similar style. 

If after consulting you decide that you would like to retain us for a full landscape design the first hour of this fee is reimbursed if a design proposal or installation over $3,500 is agreed upon. Should you decide to move forward with the design process, you will receive our design questionnaire, which will help refine your goals, ultimate landscape vision, and desired design elements. See our Design page for more information.

DIY Consultation
$70 per hour

  1. annual vegetables
  2. drought tolerant plants
  3. drought tolerant landscape
Consulting a landscape professional for your Do-It-Yourself landscape project can be beneficial to your pocketbook as well as your property value and the local environment.  We offer several methods to help you move forward with the ideas and inspirations you may already have for your landscape.  We begin by an on-site visit(s) to discuss your ideas and/or problems.  We then help by offering different solutions based on the parameters you’ve given us for your project. 

  • Do you want to learn more about the biodiversity in your landscape and garden?  We can help you identify beneficial insects, 'good' weeds from invasive species and edible weeds.  We can help you understand the microbial activity that happens within your soils; how they interact with your plants for health and nutrition.  We can also offer composting tips and suggestions for the best results.

  • Is water standing in big puddles after it rains?  Water drainage through the landscape is vital to its efficiency.  We can provide drainage suggestions to ensure water conservation and even offer rainwater harvesting ideas for additional water for your landscape.

  • Do you need a simple watering system for your vegetable gardens?  We can help you learn how to install simple drip systems with a battery or solar clock to help your busy schedules.  When you are on vacation you can rest easy knowing that your plants will be healthy and happy upon your return.  Even in the hottest weather of summer!