Landscape Design & Installation
This was a 1 acre residential project in south Chico, CA. There was an initial design and several installations and renovations over the years. Throughout that time we provided Holistic Landscape Management service for the property as a whole.
  1. Coots -redwood pergola
  2. Coots -dry creek
  3. Coots -backyard landscape



  1. Coots -pool view landscape before
  2. Coots -pool view landscape after
  3. Coots -house1 view landscape before
  4. Coots -house1 view landscape after
  5. Coots -front view landscape before
  6. Coots -front view landscape after
  7. Coots -front side view landscape before
  8. Coots -front side view landscape after
  9. Coots -pool-house view landscape before
  10. Coots -pool-house view landscape after
  11. Coots -back view landscape before
  12. Coots -back view landscape before
Pergola Design and Installation 2006
Though not attached to the house a permit was required for this pergola. FSC redwood was purchased and the wood was 'antiqued' to give it a rustic appearance.  The hardware was also chosen to accentuate the raw feel of the wood.  3 wine barrels were  designed with the posts placed inside for drip irrigation of self sowing climbing deciduous vines.  The shade created for this patio is nicely filtered by the wooden slats of the pergola to allow for light to enter but not the intense heat of this southern facing wall.

  1. Coots -pergola footing
  2. Coots -pergola side
  3. Coots -pergola full
  4. Coots -pergola side
  5. Coots -pergola hardware
  6. Coots -pergola deciduous vines
  7. Coots -pergola deciduous vines in barrels
  8. Coots -pergola deciduous vines
  9. Coots -pergola front
  10. Coots -pergola full front
Backyard Design and Installation 2006
Looking from the patio out into the sun gardens the pool is actually elevated about 5 feet above the surrounding terrain.  Narrow turf areas enclose the pool in a curvy half moon shape as bermed garden beds slope down to the vegetable gardens and pump house below.   A native stone retaining wall surrounds much of the elevated turf area intermingled on each side with steps down into the Oak woodland shade garden or over to the RV pad and vegetable gardens.
  1. Coots -pool view out to garden
  2. Coots -side gardens
  3. Coots -small turf area
  4. Coots -cirus with strawberries
  5. Coots -rock
  6. Coots -raised bed vegetable garden
  7. Coots -garden views
  8. Coots -oak woodland garden
  9. Coots -garden views
  10. Coots -oak woodland garden
  11. Coots -garden views
  12. Coots -small turf areas
  13. Coots -native stone wall -oak woodland garden
  14. Coots -drought tolerant garden
  15. Coots -raised bed vegetable garden
  16. Coots -turf and garden
  17. Coots -drought tolerant garden
  18. Coots -turf and garden
Front Yard Installation and management 2005-2013
In 2005 this front landscape consisted of turf, boxwood shrubs and date palms. The dry creek was exisiting but with no plants which we accentuated over the years with bunch grasses and New Zealand flax plants. Roses were planted in many areas as well as flowering plants and shrubs -the roses replaced the date palms. Several fruit trees were planted after sheet mulching turf areas along the house.
  1. Coots -plum tree
  2. Coots -front landscape
  3. Coots -rose garden
  4. Coots -lawn to landscape
  5. Coots -front side shade garden
  6. Coots -front side shade garden
  7. Coots -front side shade garden
  8. Coots -front garden
  9. Coots -front side fruit tree garden
  10. Coots -roses
  11. Coots -rose and mantid
  12. Coots -dry creek
Front Yard Sheet Mulch and drip conversion 2009
Two turf areas were sheet mulch to convert the areas to edible landscapes with fruit trees and annual vegetables.
  1. Coots -sheet mulch step 1
  2. Coots -sheet mulch step 2
  3. Coots -sheet mulch step 3
  4. Coots -sheet mulch step 4
  5. Coots -sheet mulch step 5
  6. Coots -sheet mulch step 6
  7. Coots -sheet mulch step 7
  8. Coots -sheet mulch step 8
  9. Coots -sheet mulch step 9
  10. Coots -sheet mulch step 10
  11. Coots -sheet mulch step 11
  12. Coots -sheet mulch step 12