Pond & Garden Bed Installation
This is a 1 acre residential property in Chico, CA. There were several installations and renovations over the years, most notably a pond installation for fish and wildlife habitat and several raised vegetable garden boxes for food production.
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POND Installation
Brian hand dug the pond in a tight little spot for this home in Chico in 2003. The pond was lined with wire and newspaper to keep gophers and other soil critters out. We re-used carpet that was ripped out of the home for extra protection for the pond bottom and edges. The whole length of the creek leading to the bog, and the bog itself, allows water to slowly trickle into the pond in various spots. This enhances the aeration of the water and increasing surface area for necessary biological activity to take place. The lower weir box takes water from the pond, filters it and sends it back to the waterfall weir closing the system. The biological action of the bog ensure the water is cleaned and filtered before sending it into the pond. There were elevated platforms placed inside the pond to raise up certain aquatic plants.
  1. Ladwig -dragonfly
  2. Ladwig -bog
  3. Ladwig -water lilies
  4. Ladwig -after
  5. Ladwig -water lilies
  6. Ladwig -pond biofilter
  7. Ladwig -creek into pond
  8. Ladwig -goldfish
  9. Ladwig -pond after
  10. Ladwig -water lily
  11. Ladwig -pond waterfall
  12. Ladwig -pond as ecosystem
  13. Ladwig -hand dug pond
  14. Ladwig -carpet then newspaper underlayment
  15. Ladwig -EDPM pond liner
  16. Ladwig -bog construction
Raised Vegetable Garden Boxes
The homeowners wanted to increase their annual vegetable food production so we designed the space for 6 raised vegetable garden boxes. The boxes were made out of cedar with hardwire cloth placed at the bottoms to keep gophers at bay.
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  2. Ladwig -vegetable garden planted
  3. Ladwig -cedar vegetable garden boxes
  4. Ladwig -cedar vegetable garden boxes
  5. Ladwig -vegetable garden food production
  6. Ladwig -cedar box with hardwire