Information is a Resource

We aim to inform and educate people about ecological landscaping and permaculture.  Dedicated to the permaculture ethics we feel part of our Fair Share is to provide people easy access to information which can improve lives and help create resilient future generations.

"Personal independence depends on co-operative human society... only what we share gives us access to all necessary possessions."    
-Bill Mollison


We can teach permaculture workshops at your property.

We offer community based workshops teaching permaculture and bio-regional methods of application. Contact us for details! See the About page for a list of workshops we've taught in the past or check out the Workshops page for local events.

  • Permaculture design and methodology
  • Rainwater harvesting and passive earthworks
  • Greywater systems (laundry to landscape and branched drain)
  • Edible gardening and perennial polycultures
  • Forest gardens and ecological succession
  • and more...
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  1. permeable paving
  2. raised cedar vegetable beds
  3. natural pond
  4. natural pond
  5. forest garden
  6. buckwheat cover crop
  7. aquaculture pond
  8. catfish in aquaculture pond
  9. aquaculture pond
  10. lawn to landscape conversion
  11. lawn to landscape conversion
  12. edibles in the garden
  13. lawn to landscape conversion
  14. annual vegetables
  15. rainwater harvesting mulch basin
  16. deer grass