Holistic Landscape Management

We offer holistic landscape management programs which are integrated to include soil, water, nutrient and pest management as well as on-site organic material recycling. We manage your landscape as a whole rather than simply maintaining it. We strive to optimize plant health, implement resource efficiency and, therefore, the cost effectiveness of your landscape.
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Sustainable Program
Starting at $135 per month

Once per week service to manage the health of your landscape:

  • Plant and tree management including pruning and thinning, deadheading, as needed, always applying ecological horticultural practices for optimal plant/planet health
  • Weed suppression utilizing mulch and manual extraction as priority
  • Pest monitoring of the landscape as a whole
  • Soil, nutrient and mulch management including our own Mulch-on-Site service for an optimal soil food web. 
  • Water management including irrigation diagnostics and rainwater harvesting system maintenance.
  • Turf maintenance (if applicable) including mulch mowing, trimming, monitoring and prevention techniques.
  • Clean up prior to departure, every time
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Whole Earth Program
Starting at $165 per month

Once per week (or bi-weekly) service including the entire services listed above PLUS:

  • Organic fertilizer and pest control applications as necessary for optimal plant and soil health.
  • Seasonal soil amendments as needed
  • Shredding on-site tree prunings and branches for mulch
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Gaia Custom Program
Customized rates

This program offers the most flexibility and customization as is required by the Client and landscape.  Choose one or several services in combination or stand alone.

Composting and Vermiculture
For those interested in starting up a home scale composting and/or worm composting system.   You can create virtually free nutrients and soil amendments for your landscape!   Compost and worm castings have countless benefits for your landscape as a whole.  All of which can arise from your own landscape organic material waste and your daily vegetable scraps from the kitchen. (Never meat, eggs or oil products!)  This simple method can reduce your environmental/carbon footprint by diverting items that would normally go into the landfill or organic recycling facilities.  Just ask us how to start the system and we can show you how to manage it yourself or we can do it for you on a regular basis for a small monthly fee.
Initial Restorative
For those landscapes that have been left to grow at will.  After the landscape has been tamed we can continue servicing your landscape with a consistent management program such as one below.  We can never tell how extensive the work load might be so give us a call for a consultation.
DIY (Do-it-Yourself)
A Do-it-Yourself -but with help from us- program; designed to help avid gardeners cut back their outdoor project time so they can really enjoy the fruits of their labor.  We can help with an ongoing project by providing a few hours of labor each week to make it easier for you to procure materials and stay within your means.  We can also help with a one time or seasonal project like fruit tree harvest or pruning.  The key here is we work together to make the project go faster and efficiently. 
Custom Garden Calendars and Management Schedules
For the truly enthusiastic clients we have customizable maintenance schedules we can draw up so you know what to do on your property and when!  In addition, we can create custom garden calendars, like a fruit tree harvest or flowering chart, to help you keep pace with the dynamic nature of your gardens and your landscape as a whole ecosystem.  After you have your custom calendar you can keep it in a garden journal and update it as trees mature and the landscape evolves. We can teach you how to do all this yourself too! 
Rainwater and/or Greywater Systems
This program compliments new rainwater harvesting or greywater installations. For rainwater harvesting system this includes seasonal diagnostics of the entire system (catchment, first flush, conveyance, storage and, if applicable, distribution systems). For greywater systems this includes the seasonal maintenace of your system or simple diagnostics to see how the system is functioning.  As you adjust to the seasonal nature of your water harvesting system, this program may become obsolete.  If your system was installed by us we can offer guarantees for the installation materials and service.  If the system was installed by persons other than Gaia Creations we cannot make such guarantees. 
Chipper-Shredding and Mulching
If you have small to medium sized trees that need pruning we can set up a program to ensure all your debris is kept on site and in your gardens.  If you have occasional large trees requiring a tree service professional we will help you locate the best person in the area and advise them to shred and store all mulch on-site.
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