Permaculture Project
This 2/3 acre Permaculture Design Project was at a residential property in Chico, CA. The project began in 2009 and in 2013 the property was sold to new owners ending the project before its completion. What was accomplished and enjoyed in nearly 4 years is incredible.

The design and partial implementation for this residential property integrated several different but inherently interconnected systems: forest gardens with rooftop rainwater harvesting earthworks, 2 annual vegetable production areas, compost piles and mulch staging area, firewood staging area near home, wide/elevated pathways through all high use areas, chicken coop with small straw yard and managed pasture and, lastly, an aquaculture pond –a large in ground swimming pool converted to a pond for fish production, habitat, aquaponics and irrigation (the details of the Pool to Pond conversion are covered on another page).
  1. Milliron -peach
  2. Milliron -forest garden
  3. Milliron -buckwheat
  4. Milliron -edge of forest garden
Every downspout on this home is connected to a rainwater harvesting network of infiltration trenches and basins.
Averaging 26" of rainfall per year approximately 60,000 gallons of rooftop rainwater is passively harvested within the soil and the pond on this 2/3 acre property.  A series of infiltration trenches and mulch basins allows the rainwater be brought out into the landscape. There are several infiltration trenches which require access over a wooden 'bridge'.

  1. Milliron -access brdige over rhs system
  2. Milliron -mulch basin
  3. Milliron -flow diagram
  4. Milliron -outlet from rooftop rainwater
  5. Milliron -rainwater harvesting system overlay
  6. Milliron -moist soil from rhs system
Forest gardens mimic natural forest systems and in addition provide abundant food in the form of fruits, nuts, roots,  perennial greens and more. 27 fruit and nut trees and berry shrubs were planted since 2009 developing the canopy and subcanopy of this forest garden system. A harvest calendar was created to ensure harvests didn't overlap by too much so as to enjoy a long season of fresh fruits and nuts.

The photos below show the many interrelated forest gardens on the property. As an example, Area C in the backyard of the property receives both rooftop harvested rainwater (14, 650 gallons per year) as well as overflow water from the aquaculture pond.

For an in depth project report scroll down below or follow this link:

  1. Milliron -back 2013
  2. Milliron -front 2012
  3. Milliron -side 2013
  4. Milliron -back 2009
  5. Milliron -back 2012
  6. Milliron -before in 2009
  7. Milliron -back 2013
  8. Milliron -front 2013
  9. Milliron -tree overlay
  10. Milliron -pond/forest garden edge
This mind map illustrates the connections and relationships of elements within this permaculture project.

[Mind map was created using VUE software.]
Additional photos of project
  1. Milliron -peach
  2. Milliron -peach
  3. Milliron -chicken
  4. Milliron -artichoke
  5. Milliron -grapes
  6. Milliron -grapes
  7. Milliron -buckwheat
  8. Milliron -paw paw
  9. Milliron -side drive
  10. Milliron -fruit tree
  11. Milliron -aquaculture pond
  12. Milliron -aquaculture pond
Project Report