Landscape Design & Renovation
This is a 1 acre property in Durham, CA. There was an initial design and several installations and renovations over the years. Much of the work was irrigation installations and overhauls and sheet mulching as well as a building a main pathway in the back yard, hardscapes and a complete front yard lawn to landscape conversion.
  1. Naylor -lawn to landscape conversion
  2. Naylor -permeable hardscape
  3. Naylor -sheet mulch
Lawn to Landscape conversion with Irrigation Installation 2015-16
Sheet mulch front landscape, install drip irrigation and plant drought tolerant plants. This project was part of the turf replacement rebates with CA Department of Water Resources "
Save Our Water Rebates" Program.
  1. Naylor -front yard before
  2. Naylor -rock wall
  3. Naylor -rock wall 2
  4. Naylor -sheet mulch
  5. Naylor -irrigate
  6. Naylor -planted
  7. Naylor -mulched
  8. Naylor -after
Irrigation Mainline Renovation 2012
Renovation of existing mainline irrigation system for the back yard for future systems installations.

  1. Naylor -before
  2. Naylor -mainline marked
  3. Naylor -mainline trench
  4. Naylor -after
Landscape Design 2013
Design for property including irrigation systems and backyard pathway.

  1. Naylor -base map
  2. Naylor -mainline irrigation
  3. Naylor -pathway
  4. Naylor -irrigation system
Irrigation Manifold Installation 2013
Installation of 5 irrigation valve manifolds for the back yard. Valves run to gardens beds and future beds.

  1. Naylor -before
  2. Naylor -shut off valve
  3. Naylor -valves
  4. Naylor -valves and pipes
  5. Naylor -after
  6. Naylor -excavation
Pathway Installation for back yard 2013
Installation of a pathway network for the back yard. The pathway meanders around the established turf area and out into the furthest  part of the backyard. The pathway was built with composite bender board and Shasta chip rock. Also installed was drainage from several downspouts under the pathway to mulch basins in surrounding garden beds.

  1. Naylor -before
  2. Naylor -after
  3. Naylor -after
  4. Naylor -before
  5. Naylor -rainwater under pathway
  6. Naylor -pipe covered
  7. Naylor -before
  8. Naylor -during
Irrigation Renovation, Patio Expansion and Sheet Mulch For Back Yard 2015
Irrigation renovation for existing turf systems.  Flagstone patio expansion along privacy fence. Sheet mulch of various areas in the back yard for weed suppression.

  1. Naylor -sheet mulch 1
  2. Naylor -flagstone before
  3. Naylor -irrigation renovation during
  4. Naylor -irrigation renovation after
  5. Naylor -sheet mulch 1
  6. Naylor -sheet mulch 2
  7. Naylor -sheet mulch 3
  8. Naylor -sheet mulch 4
  9. Naylor -flagstone after
  10. Naylor -sheet mulch before
  11. Naylor -sheet mulch 2
  12. Naylor -sheet mulch after