Landscape Renovation
This residential property in Chico, CA entailed a full renovation of the back landscape and a partial over haul of the front.

The back landscape was virtually all turf in sporatically dense shade.  We removed and composted most of the turf then converted the irrigation system to a drip system.  The plants were mostly all drought tolerant or native species.  The pathway lead to a "golf putting" space where the Client liked to practice his swing with a custom golf area.  We also retrofitted the gutter system to drain away from the house to the gravel side yard for infiltration. 

The front landscape was installed a few years ago by another company.  While nicely done the client was unhappy with the amount of water used and the sparsness of plants.  We retrofitted the irrigation system to a more efficient drip system and expanded areas for seating and relaxation while incorporating more drought toleant plants.
  1. Trimbell -expand seating
  2. Trimbell -renovate front landscape
  3. Trimbell -after
  4. Trimbell -custom hardscape
  5. Trimbell -rainwater mitigation
  6. Trimbell -irrigation conversion
  7. Trimbell -after clearing
  8. Trimbell -before
  9. Trimbell -drought tolerant landscape