Landscape Renovation
This residential property near downtown Chico, CA entailed a full renovation of the landscape.  After clearing out substantial overgrowth of weed trees and shrubs a cut flower garden was planted, drip irrigated and mulched with cedar chips. A subsequent Holistic Landscape Management program maintained this garden for several years.
  1. Wanderer -mulch
  2. Wanderer -mulch
  3. Wanderer -mulch
  4. Wanderer -cut flower garden
  5. Wanderer -cut flower garden
  6. Wanderer -before overgrowth
  7. Wanderer -before overgrowth
  8. Wanderer -before overgrowth
  9. Wanderer -during clearing
  10. Wanderer -after
  11. Wanderer -after
  12. Wanderer -cut flower garden
  13. Wanderer -shade garden
  14. Wanderer -planting
  15. Wanderer -planting