Permaculture Workshops

Brian and Stephanie teach permaculture and bio-regional methods of application. We can teach community based workshops at your property or for your organization. Choose an indoor classroom setting with slide show presentation, an outdoor hands-on workshop or a combination of both. We offer two hour lectures, day-long courses or a weekend workshop.
Topics include
  • Introduction to Permaculture
  • Permaculture design and methodology
  • Rainwater harvesting and passive earthworks
  • Greywater systems (laundry to landscape and branched drain)
  • Edible perennial polycultures
  • Forest gardens and ecological succession
  • Seed gardens and seed saving
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Local Permaculture Events

As part of our Fair Share, we volunteer our time with Earthshed Solutions, a local nonprofit organization. Earthshed Solutions’ mission is to promote ethical decision making and responsible stewardship of Earth’s resources. They focus on teaching and empowering people through their programs and projects to design regenerative systems for food production, soil fertility, energy efficiency and water conservation.

Earthshed Solutions' PERMABLITZ
Free to attend

Earthshed Solutions is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Primarily an education organization there are several Programs and Projects which provide learning opportunities for the community. One such Education Program is the Earthshed PermaBlitz.

PermaBlitzes are about helping our neighborhoods become more edible and resilient one yard at a time by harnessing and building the power of community. PermaBlitzes are FREE events for anyone in our community to attend and is a day on which people come together to:
  • Create or add to an edible garden or system for enhancing our environment
  • Share skills related to permaculture and regenerative living
  • Eat delicious food and drinks provided by the Host
  • Build community & have fun

Chico Permaculture Guild
Free to Attend

The Chico Permaculture Guild (CPG) is an Education Program of Earthshed Solutions. Gatherings are held several times per year and are free and open to the public.

The CPG was formed in 2009 by a small group of permaculture designers whose aim was to gather like minded people together to learn and practice permaculture. The primary objective of the Chico Permaculture Guild is to facilitate the outreach of permaculture education at NO COST placing permaculture knowledge and skills directly into the hands of our community.

Chico Seed Lending Library
Free to attend

Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL) is a local seed library in operation since 2013 serving Butte County residents. CSLL is a Partnership Program with the Butte County Library, GRUB Education Program and Earthshed Solutions. CSLL is located within the Butte County Library, Chico Branch. CSLL hosts monthly 'Lettuce Get Together' events, check out the schedule.

CSLL is a self-perpetuating collection of seeds donated and shared by members of the general public, with the purpose of educating users about seed saving and gardening, preserving genetic diversity in Butte County, developing locally-resilient plants, and strengthening the public library’s place at the center of our community. CSLL also receives generous donations from regional seed companies.